Homemade Lemon Balm Jelly Recipe

Lemon balm jelly recipe

Lemon balm is a wonderful herb that provides not just lemon flavor to foods but also health benefits. People have been enjoying lemon balm as a tea, as it helps to calm the nerves and brings on sleep.

But did you know that you can even make a lemon balm jelly recipe? Yes, you heard it right! We are going to make lemon balm jelly today.

This lemon balm jelly recipe is very easy and quick to do. Just prepare your lemon balm, steep it in boiling water. Combine the lemon juice, pectin, sugar, and lemon balm syrup in a mixing bowl. Bring it to a boil over medium heat and you’re done! Simple as that.

So, gather round, and let’s see how we can make this recipe step by step. Glance through the ingredients given below. Ready? Let’s start!



Ingredients You’ll Need to Make a Lemon Balm Jelly Recipe

Before we start, let’s check the list of things you need to prepare this recipe.


  • 2 cups of lemon balm (you can use organic ones for this recipe)
  • 2 cups of boiling water
  • 3 tbsp fruit pectin
  • 2 ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice


Steps to Make the Lemon Balm Jelly Recipe


  1. Now, the first step is to prepare your lemon balm leaves. You need to remove the green stem and the white veins from the lemon balm and rinse it thoroughly under cold water.
  2. Place them in a bowl. Make sure not to put too much as they will give off the liquid while being cooked, resulting in a less concentrated jelly taste.
  3. Pour 2 cups of boiling water into the bowl, cover, and let it steep for about 10-20 minutes
  4. Drain liquid from the leaves afterward and let sit for an hour to ensure maximum cooling down.
  5. Prepare your large pot. Combine the fruit pectin, lemon balm syrup, sugar, and lemon juice. Stir together thoroughly. Cook over medium heat until boiling point is reached.
  6. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring constantly. Let it reach its boiling point for 1 minute (or until it passes the jelly test).
  7. Remove from heat and skim off any foam that forms on top of the mixture.
  8. Pour your lemon balm syrup into sterilized, warm canning jars. And seal them properly while still hot with a new lid and ring, ensuring that no air gets in or out of any mason jar.

And there you have it! Your own homemade, natural lemon balm jelly is both delicious and refreshing.


Lemon balm jelly drinks


Important Tips When Making Lemon Balm Jelly


  • Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place or the fridge for up to 6 months.
  • Before you start the process, ensure you sterilize your mason jars.
  • Do not stir your jelly too often so that it doesn’t form any foam.
  • It is not recommended to cut the recipe in half or to double it. Only make one whole recipe or batch at a time.
  • Do not use pots that are larger than 1 quart.
  • Avoid moving or touching the jar. It will affect the gel.
  • Do not flip the jars over to see whether they have gelled. They must remain undisturbed overnight! 


5 Awesome Ways and Things You Can Do With Your Lemon Balm Jelly


You may be surprised to find out how many things you can do with your homemade lemon balm jelly.


1. Use It on Your Toast


No matter how yummy & expensive the jam is, you’re sure to get tired of it after a few weeks of using it. Why not mix things up and give lemon balm jelly a shot! It tastes great on bread, and some like to use it on bagels.

The jelly can also be used in oatmeal and even quinoa salads for different flavors. Alternately you could also try making your own butter with the lemon balm jelly recipe, which would make a fantastic spread to put onto bagels or even vegetables alike!


2. Add It as a Topper for Desserts


It may sound strange, but adding this homemade lemon balm jelly recipe will definitely amp up the flavor level of your desserts!

Some might call it an acquired taste, but the tartness of this lemon balm jelly recipe can be a welcome change to your usual desserts. Who knows, you might even find yourself adding it on top of some ice cream for a little bit of sweetness and extra zing!


3. Add in When Making Pasta


Adding this homemade lemon balm jelly recipe when making pasta sauce will add a new level of flavor that’s sure to make your whole family happy with their dinners!

The combination goes well with most types of salamis or sausages which would give the dish an Italian flair.

Not only does this supply your pasta dish with a slightly different variation in taste, but it will also make things feel more fulfilling, especially since the herbs in the lemon balm jelly are good for the body.


4. Use It as the Base of Your Lemonade


Even though lemon balm jelly is a tasty treat on its own, it’s an even better addition to a refreshing glass of lemonade!

Making this jelly recipe for lemonade is another great way to use it up, so don’t hesitate to give this a try!


5. Try Adding in When Making Your Pesto


Adding in some lemon balm jelly while making pesto sauce will add a slight citrus flavor along with another level of sweetness to help balance out all the flavors involved.

For those who enjoy sweet and savory dishes, this would be an excellent addition to consider!

Don’t be afraid to experiment on your own with this recipe. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that there are many more places where you can use lemon balm jelly than on just toast or bread!

The possibilities are virtually endless, so feel free to give them a try and see how it turns out.


Health Benefits of Lemon Balm


Lemon balm has been used to enhance cognitive performance and mood, but the advantages don’t end there. Continue reading to discover more about this plant’s potential therapeutic properties.


1. Helps Promote Relaxation


The herb’s aroma has been shown to ease restlessness and promote tranquility.


2. May Treat Digestive Problems


Lemon balm contains compounds that may help reduce nausea and vomiting, which is helpful for those suffering from conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be used to improve indigestion and can help reduce gas and bloating.


3. Relieves stress and anxiety


The herb’s sedative properties may help ease stress, anxiety, and tension. It also may help calm an overexcited nervous system after stress or trauma.

Studies have found that the herb may be helpful for people with generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


4. Relieves Pain


The herb’s anti-inflammatory properties make it helpful in alleviating some types of pain, including menstrual cramps. It is also applied externally on wounds to speed healing.


5. Helps Promote Restful Sleep


When used in aromatherapy or as a tea, lemon balm can help induce sleep by easing mental chatter and nervous excitement.


Lemon balm


Some Final Words


There’s no doubt that lemon balm jelly is an interesting recipe. It has the sweetness and sourness of a jam with just a hint of citrus and herb flavor.

You can even use this recipe as a base for other products you may think of making from jelly – be creative! It is a great way to use lemon balm; it can be made pretty quickly and is very affordable as well.

So, why wait? Get that lemon balm growing in your backyard, pick some of it and make this tasty treat today!

Happy jelly-making!