Basic Steps On How To Clean Your Air Fryer Oven

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Air fryer oven is one of the most purchased kitchen appliances in the market today. This kitchen appliance is an excellent alternative for frying and even baking, which requires less oil than the traditional frying method. 

In this content, you’ll learn how to take care of your air fryer oven that can help to prolong its life.



How To Clean An Air Fryer Oven


Your air fryer oven might be one of the most-used kitchen appliances in your home. 

Frying food in an Air fryer oven still leaves grease around it, and if disregarded, it will cause a bad smell and might start to build up molds. Below are a few steps to follow on how to keep your Air fryer oven clean.


1. Disassemble Your Air Fryer Oven


Disassemble and unplug your air fryer oven to cool down before you start cleaning. Remove the tray or basket of the fryer from its main unit. 

Leave it for around 30 minutes-1 hour to cool down. 

Do not soak the whole appliance in the water when cleaning your air fryer oven, especially its main unit, and it can cause damage to the electrical parts of the kitchen appliance.


2. Wash Each Parts Of The Air Fryer Oven


Clean the removable parts of the air fryer oven using dishwashing soap and warm water. 

Wash the inside parts of the appliance with soap and a damp towel or microfiber cloth, then put a small amount of dishwashing soap to wipe off the dirt.


3. Remove Other Residues


If any residues are stocked to its parts, try to soak the removable parts in warm water with a small amount of soap. 

Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to soften the grease and dirt from the food. It will make it easier to clean.



4. Scrub The Parts


Carefully scrub and wipe the kitchen appliance parts with a sponge or brush to remove some dirt build-up around your air fryer oven. 

Use a non-abrasive sponge to prevent your air fryer oven from scratches and damage.


5. Wipe The Outside Part Of Your Air Fryer Oven


Clean the exterior part of the kitchen appliance. Use a cloth or soft sponge to wipe off the outside part of the main unit.


6. Brush Any Leftovers


Gently brush and scrub the leftovers from the appliance using a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Always remember to cool it down before using damp clothes.


7. Reassemble Your Air Fryer Oven


Dry all the removable parts of the air fryer oven. Use a cloth to wipe all the excess moisture from the kitchen appliance and its main unit.


Dos And Don’ts In Cleaning Air Fryer Oven


Air fryer oven is much easier to clean than those other deep frying kitchen tools in the market. To help you maintain your Air Fryer oven clean, here are some tips to keep your Air Fryer Oven clean with your household tools and materials.

  • Do not use any metal utensils to clean your air fryer oven – Steel wool, abrasive sponges, metal tools, and rough cloths can damage the non-stick coating of your air fryer oven. Do not scrape the coating of your air fryer oven to avoid damage.
  • Use lemon juice – After cleaning the whole unit of your air fryer oven and you notice that there is still a bad smell, you can use lemon juice to remove it. Use a cloth and soak it in lemon juice. Wipe the soaked cloth in the kitchen appliance parts and leave it for another 30 minutes before washing again. Repeat the process if necessary.
  • Make baking soda paste – If lemon juice is not available at home, you can mix water along with baking soda to make a paste. Scrub it about the removable parts with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Do not use disinfectants – If you want to sanitize your air fryer oven, you may just use soap and water. Do not clean your unit with a disinfectant because they are not safe for food.
  • Avoid high-heat dishwashers – Before cleaning your air fryer oven in a dishwasher, check the unit’s manual if it is dishwasher safe.
  • Do not overstuff – When cooking in an air fryer oven, do not overstuff it with food. Some food particles might stock in edges and will be difficult to remove. Avoid overcrowding to get rid of the smoke.
  • Grease your appliance with oil – Air fryer oven still uses oil but with a lesser amount. It would help to lessen the hard food residues left in the unit.
  • Use baking paper or aluminum foil – These household materials can help you lessen the food residues in your air fryer oven. Make sure to place your food on parchment paper or aluminum foil to prevent it from sticking to the heating surface.




When Should You Clean Your Air Fryer Oven?


Air fryer oven is a handy kitchen appliance that you use several times. Its grease, dirt, and foul smell are signs that it is time to clean your air fryer oven. 

Always wash the unit’s tray, basket, or pan every time you use your air fryer oven, and it will prevent your air fryer oven from spoiling your food.

However, it is not necessary to follow every step after use. Always check the heating coil of the kitchen appliance; you can wipe it once in a while with a damp cloth. 

Be sure it is unplugged and cooled down.


Some Final Words


Air fryer oven is now a trend in the market, and it is known for its multi-function use such as frying, baking, broiling, and roasting. 

It is important to clean every kitchen appliance you have at home, like your Air fryer oven, as you use it most of the time. 

Keeping it clean and maintained will make your Air fryer oven stay in its shape, good working condition, and ready to use every other recipe.