How To Make a Chili Jam

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Cooking can never be precise enough to rule out certain variables completely. How long do you cook the meat? How much water does it take? What is medium heat on a stovetop? However, with advancements in technology and information sharing, determining recipes and steps for food preparation has become more accessible.

In this article, we will teach you how to make a Chili Jam. This jam is delicious because it combines savory with sweet and spicy all while not overpowering other tastes. It is great on burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and even a dipping sauce for roasted meat.

So without further ado, let’s get started!



Ingredients for Chili Jam


  • 1.5 kg red peppers
  • 12 red chilies
  • 10 cloves of garlic
  • 30 grams peeled fresh ginger
  • 3 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoon salt
  • 400 grams tomatoes
  • 1 cup vinegar (apple cider is best, but any type will do)


Procedure to Make a Chili Jam


  1. Deseed red peppers and chilies. Dice all of them and place them in a food processor with garlic, ginger, and brown sugar.
  2. Chop the tomatoes into small pieces and add to the ingredients in your food processor. Add vinegar as well. Pulse everything together into a smooth paste. Some chunks here and there are fine, but if you want it smoother, pulse longer!
  3. Prepare the saucepan and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Don’t let it stick to the bottom!
  4. Add salt to taste. It is probably around 2 tablespoons if you are making this for one pot of chili jam, but if you are making multiple pots, you might want to make it less salty.
  5. After one hour, your chili jam should be much thicker and darker in color than when you started. You can always let it simmer longer if you want it even thicker.
  6. Let the chili jam cool down and transfer it to a glass jar.


Recipe Tips on Making a Chili Jam


Chili Jam Ingredients


Before you place your chili jam into a glass jar, ensure that you have let it cool down. This is very important! If you add a hot chili jam into a glass jar, there is a chance that the glass jar will crack from the sudden temperature change.

Also, make sure you sterilize your glass jar before you pour your chili jam in. A clean glass jar will let your chili jam last longer.

Don’t leave your pot unattended, or it might boil over and create a substantial sticky mess! Be patient and let it simmer for at least one hour until thick! The longer you let it cook, the thicker the consistency will be!

If you think something is wrong because all of a sudden it becomes wet after being dry (which may happen if you miss-read the recipe), don’t worry – just keep cooking it! Trust me; if you let it simmer for at least an hour, the consistency will become thick again after cooling down.


Proper Storage


Close up photo of Chili Jam


Store the chili jam in the refrigerator when you are not using it. It can last up to two-three weeks when properly stored.

Always keep the chili jam covered with a lid; otherwise, it will dry out and won’t look as appetizing!

In addition, the chili jam will be pretty hot at first, but the spiciness will decrease slightly after cooling down.


6 Ways to Use Chili Jam


Chili Jam Ingredients


Chili jam is a very versatile condiment. You can use this sweet and spicy sauce in many ways!


1. As a Dipping Sauce


You can use the chili jam as a dipping sauce. Simply coat your fried food with it before serving to make an appetizing side dish.


2. Stir Fry Vegetables


Cook up some stir fry vegetables, then add the chili jam at the end of cooking for a sweet and spicy flavor.


3. Make Your Own Spicy BBQ Sauce


Mix equal parts ketchup, lime juice, soy sauce, honey, black pepper, and chili jam together for a homemade spicy BBQ sauce!


4. Make a Spicy Marinade


Mix equal parts chili jam, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Coat your meat with the mixture and let it marinate for an hour before cooking.


5. Add to Noodles or Rice


Add some chili jam to your noodles or rice after cooking to make them more appetizing!


6. Add Some Spice To Your Sweet Treats


Add some chili jam to any dessert that you like for that extra sweet and spicy kick!


Some Final Words


Making a chili jam might seem like an intimidating task at first, but it’s pretty easy in reality. The key to making a good chili jam is by following the above steps.

Of course, there are other ways to make a chili jam if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. But once you’ve mastered the art of making a chili jam, the possibilities are endless. There are no restrictions or boundaries – so get creative! Happy Cooking!