The Secret to a Flavorful Chocolate Caramel Slice

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly home-baked goodies to give you the holiday feeling. Baking, yes. Baking has a Christmassy feel to it. Don’t you agree?

This iconic chocolate caramel slice is proof of that—nothing like these chunks of luscious chocolate, creamy, chewy caramel, and crusty shortbread. I’ve had my eyes on this Alison and Simon Holst recipe since I first purchased the “100 muffins and slices” book and looked through its pages of delicious photos.

The ingredients are all very easy to find, and you’re likely to have them in your cupboard. However, before I show you the recipe and the whole procedure, let me offer you tips.

First, if you don’t want the caramel to burn, continual mixing is required when cooking your caramel. If you stop mixing it, you will notice a few chewy brown particles appear—don’t panic, just keep mixing.

Second, to press the base into the pan, use may use plastic for your hand.

Third, to reduce the sweetness, you may put a little coarse sea salt on top of the chocolate icing before it starts to cool. Finally, ensure that the chocolate caramel has already cooled down before you slice it for clearer and cleaner lines.

You can easily modify this recipe in several ways. For example, rather than a cookie base, you can try a coconut base. Also, you can use Belgium dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

So, after so many things that I said, let’s now proceed into making this delicious Chocolate Caramel Slice. I know you’re excited!


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Microwave Russian Fudge Recipe

Russian Fudge isn’t originally from Russia but rather from England and Scotland.

It’s a chocolate-free toffee that obtains its fudgy, smooth texture from butter, condensed milk, and golden syrup. Tablet, a somewhat firmer, more sweet variant, does not have golden syrup. This form of Russian Fudge includes variants that reach as far as the Netherlands, which explains the name. Some cooks create a fairly basic Russian fudge, whereas others put in vodka, almonds, and aromatic extracts.

You never want to go back after making this microwave version of the famous Russian Fudge recipe – it’s so fast and tasty!

The recipe that I want to present to you today is Microwave Russian Fudge from Jo Seagar’s “Lip Smackin’ Fast Cookin’ Hunger Bustin’ Gr8 Tastin’ Cookbook“—a cookbook for beginners. I frequently use Jo Seagar’s recipes, particularly for baking. I believe I have four of her books, all of which I like reading. She offers wonderful ideas for gifty-kind treats like cookies, fudges, and chocolates, and I find myself depending heavily on her ideas throughout the holiday season!

This recipe, in general, is ideal for children since it uses the microwave, making it extremely impossible to burn the Fudge. I’ve thrown out numerous pots of Russian Fudge because it got stuck on the bottom and destroyed the entire batch, but this recipe easily avoids that.

Let’s get into it!


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Bake This Moist Lemon Yoghurt Cake At Home

Every now and then, you eat a cake that you will never forget. Probably, lemon yoghurt cake is one of them. If you haven’t tasted it yet, check out the recipe I will be sharing with you below.

Lemon yogurt cake is undeniably a mouth-watering treat for all ages. Since it contains yoghurt, this cake is irresistibly moist and soft, and it is because yoghurt adds fat and moisture to a cake batter.

Also, this cake features a lemon drizzle topping, which contributes to the overall lemon flavor. So, despite its appearance, the cake packs an unexpected punch.

When the lemon yoghurt cake is still warm and in the tin, add the drizzle topping. The drizzle is also retained in the cake to prevent it from overflowing and keep all the lemon flavors.

Because the cake is quite soft, it is best to leave it in the tin to cool. Handle it with care when you turn it out, and use a good sharp knife to slice it.

Read more to learn how to make the tastiest and easiest lemon yoghurt cake at home.


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Homemade Lemon Balm Jelly Recipe

Lemon balm is a wonderful herb that provides not just lemon flavor to foods but also health benefits. People have been enjoying lemon balm as a tea, as it helps to calm the nerves and brings on sleep.

But did you know that you can even make a lemon balm jelly recipe? Yes, you heard it right! We are going to make lemon balm jelly today.

This lemon balm jelly recipe is very easy and quick to do. Just prepare your lemon balm, steep it in boiling water. Combine the lemon juice, pectin, sugar, and lemon balm syrup in a mixing bowl. Bring it to a boil over medium heat and you’re done! Simple as that.

So, gather round, and let’s see how we can make this recipe step by step. Glance through the ingredients given below. Ready? Let’s start!


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