How to Clean a Juicer

Drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juices is a healthy routine everyone can do every day. But for us to attain this while still getting the nutrients we need from fruits and vegetables, we need to have the proper equipment that will help us in our healthy, loving goals, and those are juicer devices.

Once you already own one, it is important to learn how to clean your juicer properly; but before that, you should first know the three basic types of juicer available today. 


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Easy Ways To Make Lime Juice Without a Juicer

Limes are one of the most versatile fruits; they are used to make delicious lime juice and are added to countless recipes. While lime juice is essential for cooking, it can be difficult to extract from a fresh lime. However, if you do not have a juicer or the time to wait for your limes to ripen, there are several quick and easy ways to make lime juice without a juicer.

We all know that limes are often too sour, so to keep all nutrients in them and benefit from their unique properties, we should prepare fresh lime juice every time we want to use it. It doesn’t require any special tools or devices; anyone can do it quickly and easily! In this article, we will demonstrate to you a step by step guide on how to extract lime juice without a juicer.


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How To Make a Chili Jam

Cooking can never be precise enough to rule out certain variables completely. How long do you cook the meat? How much water does it take? What is medium heat on a stovetop? However, with advancements in technology and information sharing, determining recipes and steps for food preparation has become more accessible.

In this article, we will teach you how to make a Chili Jam. This jam is delicious because it combines savory with sweet and spicy all while not overpowering other tastes. It is great on burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and even a dipping sauce for roasted meat.

So without further ado, let’s get started!


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Thai Beef Salad

Have you ever tried green leafy salad with meat? If not, then you are missing a lot in your life. I can personally say that this salad is something you will keep coming back for more.

I know you are excited about this salad recipe, but let us just talk a little first about this food. 

As we all know, Thailand is located in Asia and is also recognized for its people’s love of spicy foods and different spices that will make every dish tasteful and mouthwatering, just like this Thai beef salad.

Additionally, they are health-conscious. That is why people in Thailand love to eat vegetables that are partnered with meat.

Thai Beef Salad is perfect for anyone who loves salad but hates the traditional mayo dressing and the likes. This one will give you a whole lot of new flavors for your salad.

The combination of its sweet and sour taste of lime, sugar and the excellent level of spiciness from the chili will remove any feeling of being “so over” with what you eat. And the fact that coriander is not widely used in salad as everyone mostly uses lettuce in a green salad. 

And if you are a low-carb diet fanatic, I can say that you will love and enjoy every piece of this salad. So, I will not keep you waiting. Let’s now jump into the ingredients and preparation. 


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