5 BEST Dual Coffee Maker in 2022

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Do you live in a large household and work in a place where everyone prefers different brews of coffee? Perhaps you enjoy hopping from one brew to the next to keep your coffee experience vibrant. If that is the case, a dual coffee maker may be the perfect appliance for you.

Suppose you own both a single-serve coffee maker and a model that can accommodate a larger serving. In that case, you know the struggle of sacrificing precious counter space to accommodate two very different tools that serve just one task.

Fortunately, dual coffee makers solve this problem for you. This machine serves both single and large amounts of the brew, all in one machine.

Having a dual coffee maker at home is a great way to reduce waste because it can keep your brewed coffee warmer for a more extended period. It is also efficient as you can configure the coffee maker to brew at certain times. Aside from that, it is much more convenient and is far cheaper than going to a cafe or bistro to grab your caffeine boost for the day.

When planning to invest in a brand new coffee maker, it can be overwhelming at first since there are many variants up in the market. These dual coffee makers can come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, and it can be quite difficult to sort them out and find the perfect one for you and your home.

So, read on as this guide will help you find the best dual coffee maker that will complement your household and meet your preference.

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1. Hamilton Beach 49980A Dual Coffee Maker

This is our choice for overall best dual coffee maker for the money.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is a prime pick for those who want a coffee maker capable of brewing either single servings of coffee or a whole pot for multiple people. On the single-serve side of this coffee maker, it uses loose coffee or soft pods that allow flexibility when choosing your brew. The model also comes with a multi-level cup rest that lets you fill a tall mug or a short cup without worrying about spilling the brew.

Also, this machine is programmable, making it possible for you to wake up to the smell of coffee every day. One of the notable features of this model’s carafe is its automatic push and serve. When you remove the carafe to pour yourself a cup before the machine finishes brewing, it will pause so that the coffee won’t spill or drip onto the heater.

The machine will be on hold until it detects that the carafe is returned and then resumes brewing the coffee. Unfortunately, this single flaw of this model occurs because the single-serve side brews a weaker cup of coffee compared to the carafe side.

But, when you’re looking for something that can simply make coffee for one or many people, you’ll be satisfied with this model. All in all, it may be no stretch to say that this is the best dual coffee maker available to the market this year.

2. Cuisinart SS-15 Dual Coffee Maker

This is our choice for overall best coffee dual maker for compatibility.

The Cuisinart SS-15 is yet another notable model of a dual coffee maker. It features a brew-strength control, allowing people who enjoy a lighter brew and prefer stronger brews to co-exist. The single-serve side of this machine is K-cup compatible as well, so you can use the long list of compatible brews with this model.

Also, this model comes with its own high-quality filter as a main part of the machine, so you’ll not have to waste too many paper filters when using this machine. In addition, the large carafe that comes with this model is one of the more premium choices available to consumers in the market. It does not sill nor drip as much as other carafes do, drastically reducing the need to clean and maintain the machine and its components.

But, the single-serve side is prone to splashes, especially if you use a smaller-sized cup. This particular flaw doesn’t exist with the model stated before this one which is why this version clutches the second place. Still, if you want to use your K-cups, these may just be a good option for you to invest in.

3. Cuisinart CHW-12 Plus Two Way Coffee Maker

This is our choice for best dual coffee maker for convenience.

The Cuisinart SS-20P1 features a single-serve brewer and a fully automatic thermal coffee maker on its two sides. The single-serve side is capable of brewing three times as much coffee as your mugs can handle.

Aside from that, this coffee maker is also K-cup compatible, and it comes with a reusable filter that allows you to brew using coffee grounds. This feature also lets you save money on disposable filters. Lastly, this model has a 40oz reservoir and a removable drip tray that enables you to use a travel mug to brew in.

The Cuisinart SS-20P1 also boasts a brew strength option in addition to an extremely useful self-cleaning function. This modestly priced version of the Cuisinart does have some pretty interesting features to say for itself.

For example, it has a hot water dispenser for convenience. This feature would have been amazing if the water from the dispenser didn’t taste like plastic.

Another flaw this machine has is that the “add water” light may begin blinking even if the reservoir is full. Luckily, this machine is covered by a three-year warranty. But you will have to pay for shipping and processing if you need a refund amounting to about $20 all in all.

On the carafe side of the machine, there is a temperature knob that lets you choose the level of heat the hot plate reaches so you can have your joe exactly how warm or hot you want it. More importantly, the machine makes great coffee.

That being said, filling the coffee side water tank requires extreme control and precision that you will almost always end up with a spill to clean up. Although this version’s features are appealing, most consumers often opt to buy a more reliable model.

4. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Two-Way Coffee Maker

This is our choice for best dual coffee maker for the price.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a coffee maker that lives up to its name. The model allows you to brew whole pots of coffee using the carafe or simply use the single-serve side for your K-cups and grounds.

This model also allows you to choose whether you want a regular brew or a stronger and bolder brew. While this model offers amazing coffee to people who can afford its price tag, there are still some things to take note of and be wary of.

Coffee grounds may get into the final brew, which also happens when you use k-cups. The needle also needed constant attention and cleaning.

Fortunately, the model comes with a tantalizing five-year warranty until you realize that fact that the company has the right to determine whether the problem was their fault or not. This makes it very possible for consumers not to get any help when the manufacturer deems it so. Of course, the shipping costs will be put on your tab after all of that trouble.

Also, this machine is on the pricier side, retailing for five times as the top model on this list. With a price tag that steep, you would be getting your money’s worth.

5. DeLonghi BCO430 Combination Pump Espresso

This is our choice for best dual coffee maker for versatility.

The DELONGHI BCO430 is a versatile model capable of making just about any kind of coffee you can think of. While it lacks the high-end capacity most of the models in this list boasts, this particular version is unique in the sense that you can make lots of regular coffee and espresso products using just this machine.

It comes with a milk frother which allows you to expand your range into cappuccinos and lattes. This model also includes a LED freshness indicator which lets you know how long ago the coffee in the reservoir was brewed.

Praises aside, this model also has its fair share of shortcomings. The carafe this model comes with is prone to drips and spills. For this reason, it can result in more than necessary cleaning time, which understandably can cause a ton of frustrations.

This model also has a rather bulky design, making it unfit for kitchens that do not have a lot of room to spare. Meanwhile, many people will argue that you can buy a much less frustrating and higher quality machine compared to this version for its price point.

When it comes to the DeLonghi brand, you can expect that you’re getting the best of espresso and coffee that you like. It has a milk frother, and the freshness can be controlled depending on how you want your coffee or latte to be. The only cons that you can get from this dual coffee maker are that its carafe is drip-prone, and it can be bulky.

Question and Answer about Dual Coffee Makers

Which Dual Coffee Maker Is Suitable For Beginners?

There are plenty of methods to ensure that you won’t be regretting the investment you make when it comes to purchasing a dual coffee maker. However, there are still those who end up regretting their choices.

Among the worst ways to make a decision is by looking at the price points of these models. One may expect that since a product is expensive, it is of higher quality, which is not always the case.

A good mindset to have when deciding which model you’ll be purchasing is by looking at what features you really want and then looking for a model with those particular features. If you end up with multiple models you might like, start limiting your options by looking at their price points. Choosing a model based on this method is undoubtedly better than just making a decision while looking at the price tags of the coffee makers.

Here is a list of dual coffee makers suitable for beginners:

  • Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker
  • Cuisinart Chw-12p1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
  • Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Why Should You Buy Dual Coffee Makers?

Coffee makers make excellent investments, and as such, it is imperative to choose the one most suited to your household. Moreover, when coffee makers are well maintained, they can last up to a long time and can be an amazing asset for any abode.

The most compelling argument against having multiple coffee machines for your home could be that moving from one machine to another is more tedious. Having both can crowd up a certain place in your kitchen. Basically, having two machines that do the same thing isn’t really a cost-efficient description after all.

Dual coffee makers, in that sense, are unique machines that you can use for flexible brewing needs in your house or office. This two-way coffee maker lets you brew both single servings and full carafes effortlessly and efficiently.

Unlike other machines, dual coffee makers let you experiment on different brews and combinations all in one mechanism. Therefore, having a dual coffee machine in your kitchen is an all-around better option if you’re aiming to save up on space and cut down on clean-up inside your kitchen. Overall, dual coffee makers make it possible for homeowners to brew their own version of coffee no matter how much they may want it.

What Essential Features To Consider For Buying The Best Dual Coffee Makers?

As previously said, dual coffee makers are available in various brands and types all across the market. For this reason, choosing the best dual coffee maker for your home, especially if you’re new to coffee makers, can be quite a daunting task.

Brewing Options

The main benefit of utilizing dual coffee makers in your house is the variety of brewing options they provide. So, you have to ensure that the dual coffee maker you will purchase offers brewing settings that meet your household or workplace demands.

You must also take into account the quantity of coffee you can brew when considering which model to buy. For example, dual coffee makers can only brew coffee in a single serving or in carafes.

Meanwhile, other coffee makers can offer you more versatility in the quantity you can brew. Make sure to choose a model that provides brewing options in accordance with your needs.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

Most people who use glass carafes may have to reheat or make their coffee separately if the people in their household do not wake up all at the same time. But, doing so can result in inefficient use of both time and energy. Good thing that you can use dual coffee machines with a thermal carafe so you won’t have to brew a new batch of coffee so often in the morning.

Thermal carafes retain the heat of your coffee for more extended periods. Typically, they are more durable than glass carafes. You may choose dual coffee makers with glass carafes if retaining heat on every brew is not a concern.

Size and Design

It could be argued that most people who tend to upgrade into purchasing dual coffee makers are doing so to save space in their kitchen by getting a machine that does the job of two.

That being said, dual coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, given how vast the market is. So, when buying a dual coffee maker for your house, make sure that your choice has a compact design.